Choir Anima in just one breath creates the sound of a national identity and an ancient lineage of song and heritage, but they are also masters of the art of cross cultural collaboration. It was a spine tinglingly joyous experience to sing with them.
Sam Lee
folk singer & traditional music specialist
Anima – they are wonderful, open-minded, well educated people appreciating the wonder of life. It could be the influence of ever present sea, seaside air, pine forests and the traditions of seaside resort. Whenever I come to Saulkrasti, I am always filled with this energy.
Uģis Prauliņš
musician & composer
They are people, who stick together through the years, whatever they do they do it from the bottom of their hearts, deep inside they are eternal teenagers and they are never afraid of challenges and adventures. So long as you stay as you are, all roads will rise to meet you.
Kristaps Krievkalns
musician, composer & producer